Perception  Research for entering
the future

Institute for Psychological Industry Morphology & Strategizing

We research new pathways and approaches for industries and organizations and their situations for joining the industries’ products with new ways of living.

Our approach: the system of Morphological Psychology. Established as a leading way to assess and understand the “morphing realities” of people, products and brands.

Impact Assessment

A mega issue today is what the impact of a measure of social significance will have in the future and what kind of live it will bring.

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Value Research

What values “accomplish” for people, consumers, institutions and companies, and how they relate to currently moving issues from Corona to technology.

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Time Sense Research

Revealing the implications of the new way of experiencing time for the collective state of mind, everyday life, for product use, services, and new demands.

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Morphology – Psychology

One of the most advanced psychologies, a complete system and a practical tool established with a wide range of industries’ corporations. 


Our Specializations

How We Work

How established and new product approaches and expansions can leap jump our clients’ business.

We use Psychological Morphology, the system applied to markets and industries to steering the projects – also. addressing driving cultural and country-specific factors in syn with current industry-tailored methods.

We explore how the new participation and experience engagement mode interacts with the customers’ socio-cultural and personal “eco-system”.

We research the structures of motivational bonding patterns for customers becoming engaged members in the new “augmented” experience process of product and brand.

Our References

Current Topics

In daily life products

Insights how the big and partly overwhelming issue steadily is getting integrated in daily life by innovative packaging and products  crafting a new mainstream way of living. Find out more

The changes in everyday life

Observations and insights into daily life phenomena highlighting a changing way of dealing with oneself and with the others. Find out more

Social Listening
Applied Morphology

A logical extension into “morphing realities” – of the public and their challenges of context and complexity. Example: Sleepbuds:  Find out more

Wilhelm Salber Society:
Conference Sep 2021

Annual conference of the Wilhelm Salber Society, WSG on current cultural-social themes. Topic: “Sense – Images – Sense”. Find out more

WIlhelm Salber Society
Conference Nov 2020

Annual conference of the Wilhelm Salber Society, WSG on current cultural-social issues. In search of “new units”.We discussed with… Find out more

Innovative Research Formats
Working the way we live

Innovative research methods aim at acting in co-movement and in parts belonging in keeping with the times. This makes sense, because much in life changing. Find out more

Publication: planung&analyse:
Big Data Analytics

Morphological psychology with AI social listening – Study by Symanto and Public Perception. Technology shielding from a hyperactive and intruding world. Find out more

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