Public Perception
Institute for Psychological Morphology –
Market Studies + Strategies + Innovation

Grounded in our experience we specialize in project areas where the dynamics and osmotics between the individual and the collective are a top agenda:

Social Listening, Participating Culture, Political Psychology
plus key industries:
healthcare + automotive + ambient living +
audio consumer electronics

Areas dealing with sharing, participating and shaping future living,  exposed to the complexity of today.

Assisted Living

What is Psychological Morphology 

It’s a holistic and versatile state-of-the-art think and work model. “morphing realities” make it top contemporary. It is one of the most advanced psychologies and established with major companies. For one, because it’s a complete psychology system – a key benefit for the “how to” of each project.

Morphology transforms complexity into a systematic clear insights system grounded the concrete tangible fabric, facts and mood states of people and the way they live. It delivers real-life liveliness from it’s immersive, in-depth touching of the phenomena, system savvy and a big picture understanding.

Go Morphological – Life-like vital and strategic for results to build from.


thinking the individual and collective at once

 Social Listening

The next turn in Morphology

Social Listening is our logical next turn into areas of “morphing realites” – of the public and the challenges of context and complexity coming along with them.

Content needs context. A holistic context. Morphology provides the context ruling matri.x.

SYMANTO Social Listening AI and Psychology

Strengths from Synergies:

Symanto & Public Perception


PUBLIC PERCEPTION Qualitative Morphology


The deepest approach to understand what is going on in and through social media culture and society.

Data evidence and psychlogy from both ends:
AI data and insights – unlocked by morphological insights anchoring

  1. Sentiment – a collective tonality compass of how people feel and react to things
  2. Motivation – deep drivers why and when people do engaging, posting, connecting
  3. Ethnography – tangible living – immersion of how people live, usage, habits, lifestyles
  4. Decision Action – how exactly people decide, act, purchase or e.g. vote