Sustainability and Rustic Work Tools

Collected for a long time and developed even into an entire furnishing style: Tools and equipment from back then with authentic traces of their use and implicitly the mastered hardship of life. A style rendering a more grounded everyday way of living.

Lasting tangible evidence from work-manly style

Case Study

Things from past and in unrestored, ‘original’ condition, which also preserve their history of use, have long been in demand as collector’s items and have become exemplary for ‘authentic’ or ‘industrial’ interior design styles – both private and commercial.

They unwind history by making it sensually presst – almost tangible plus often still pesend everywhere and in use. –  as interior pieces mostly in an aesthetic function.

Über sie spult sich Geschichte sinnlich greifbar zurück – noch in greifbarer Nähe und auch heute noch in Betrieb, als Einrichtungsstücke dekontextualisiert auch ästhetisch ‘wertvoll’.

Mostly manual labor objects such as old tools, ladders, etc. with their age and wear, damage and worn down material traces preserve them as a kind of a tangible street cred icon to prior times of physical labor and living closer to the earth.