Corona Perceptions

Observations and insights into daily life phenomena highlighting a changing way of dealing with oneself and with the others.

The social and economic conditions are changing rapidly with the Corona crisis. It is changing the collective way of dealing with each other, the language, the thinking and the dynamics between distance and closeness, the concerns about economic security, this is: about the outlook onto the future way of life.

Perspectives on changes in daily life togetherness

Since the start of the Corona crisis, everyday life is becoming more permeable or even openly exposed to the “existential” aspects of life. In interviews and everyday conversations, people reflect on their lives, placing them in the context of others, society and the situation in the world.

As a counter-movement to the “standstill” of the lockdown and the restrictions, a position is sought through this and the coexistence is readjusted.

Directions are contrary, partly paradoxical also reflecting social polarization.

A lower-threshold way of ‘talking’ and communicating is evolving –  as in the popular use of the informal “you” instead of the “Sie” in daily life and the media.

All this is crucial for companies in planning and implementing communication and strategies.  Our concern is to realize the optimal impact potential for this together with you.