Social Listening
Mastering complexity combining expertise systems

AI technology and data paired with in-depth holistic qualitative insights.

User-generated content is exponentially growing. Social media sharing equates to sharing today’s way of life –  as an integral daily life activity and an equally existential realm of reality.

A kind of “world stage” where the “real”, the “story”, facts and fiction weave a multi-d life “production”. Lively, facetted, changeable – a complement or even alternative to identity defining routines or search for life stability and outlook.

Data evidence from both ends

Analog and digital merging in their relevance shaping people’s life and within a culturally sensitive socio-psychological context. Our approach shows what is going on in and through social media and target groups.

Strengths from Synergies

A logical next evolution

Assessing the areas of “morphing realities” of the public.

And masteing the challenges of context and complexity coming along with them.

Insights into

Sentiment. Collective tonality compass of how people respond to things

Motivation – deep drivers why and when people engage, post or connect

Ethnography – tangible living: immersion in how people live, usage, habits

Decision action – how exactly people decide, act, purchase or e.g. vote


Morphological work proceedings

Holistic and systematic qualitative assessment of user generated social media data.

Option for integrating adhoc “real world” research nsights as a foundational compass.

No generic standards: Each project with a genuine matrix, images and category names.

Big Data Analytics

Morphological psychology with AI social listening  – Joint study by Symanto and Public Perception. Technology shielding from a hyperactive and intruding world:
The case of the Sleepbuds.