Service Expertise
Product Life Cycle

Expansion into pre-launch and sophistication – Towards a value-based company image and marketing

High investment costs and risk, long-term planning and increasing regulations make qualitative and quantitative research solutions during the product life cycle timeline still the foundation for the success of a medication or technology.

Like life, with a life cycle each phase, from when the product is initiated, market preparation, entry, performance and brand personality to generating its own secure, long-term future of “growing-up”; maturing and “retiring” is under the company “family” with it’s own history, personality, spirit and culture setting the framework and fabric for its growth and development.

Healthcare still is a people “business”, from within the company, from doctors to patients and company representatives to HCP or health institutions. Performance facts and competitor analysis are facts and challenges, but the product and brand navigation can have a strong impact on the desired KPIs.

Public Perception: Research Expertise

Our work experience focuses on qualitative studies and with an expertise on the brand as a life-like, sense-making personality down to its smallest details and stories in action.

We come from the know-how of thinking “holistic” as a research system, in-depth psychology and precise dynamics pattern of how the relevant factors interact.

Our activities here span through all the major issues shown. Our morphological psychology model framework converges the many different stakeholder perspectives, the relevant dimensions and methods, from qualitative, online to the range of quantitative and technical solutions.

Pre-Launch Research

Market access and reimbursement regulations are shifting the focus more onto pre-launch and strategic market access planning and with it on additional patient benefits substantiating early benefit dossiers extending the established research scope.

  • Patient preference studies (qualitative; also quantitative, e.g. Conjoint, AHP)
  • Payer preferences and priorities
  • Exploratory with relevant stakeholders
  • Illness patterns, related therapy standards and needs
  • Impact on treatment and prescription routines, prescriber acceptance
  • Target segmentation
  • Market, competitors and positioning
  • Brand image design
  • Concept tests
  • Naming, handling and packaging studies

Launch Research

Our analysis starts off with the effective psychological needs, of HCP and patients regarding a product in the context of a specific illness pattern.

The shift from primarily drug-centered marketing towards value-based company activities opens building new supportive doctor company relationship. With growingly working and interacting online, doctors read and mirror back HCP marketing activities intentions “behind”. Communicating on eye level is part of the value-based approach.

  • Market Acceptance
  • Patient studies, segmentation, typologies
  • Compliances
  • Marketing and communication tools tests and labs
  • Company representative CI style concept labs
  • Touchpoint analysis and management

Post Launch Research

The way a company proceeds with things, their beliefs, mentality and style script the resonance, bonding and business relation with their customers.

Just as with people, affinities fluctuating between companies and HCP are the felt sympathies of how you get along. Stakeholders resonate in thinking, style and priorities. Different company cultures correspond with different doctor culture types. Knowing and implementing these as drivers supports strategic scenarios and marketing planning.

  • Competitive field and positioning updates
  • Brand and company image studies: Assessment of brand personality, with players and dynamics relevant to success or failure and beyond the common grids and clouds of single term
  • Service relevance impact and design
  • Assessment Center
  • Line and indication extension
  • Potential exhaustion and improving relevance concepts