Car Clinics

Car Clinics – Logistics and Management are paramount

As a qualitative-based agency, on all projects we collaborate with our experienced professional car clinic partners for vehicle shipping and hall logistics, set-up, recruiting, intuitive time flow management, respondent and hall security screening, quantitative work, providing survey tools, technology in-car, interview or focus group transmission, catering and related booking of all kind of requested services and more.

The complexity of car clinics takes an experienced team of partners precisely and trustfully working together. Cultural differences regarding respondent screenings, travel logistics to the clinic and so on are high priority issues in international clinics.

On the other hand, given this immense amount of physical, management and budget effort, sustainable and actionable results and insights are equally important to make it worthwhile.

This is the area of our work excellence. As we thoroughly connect each product detail to the overall vehicle, concept or feature and then secondly match the respondent’s experiences, evaluations and motive and target segmentation to them, we can rigorously line-up how both match. This academic-based proceeding allows one key thing: to decide between face-value of respondents’ experiences and the systematic value of results. This supports especially product planning and design departments to determine how in the present less favored designs and solutions might still be the right way to proceed for their future value consumers might not be able to overlook from being grounded in their current life needs and design perspectives.

Products are the essential productive forces for developing life, from functionality devices, childhood companions to lifestyle design creators. Products are “alive” with human qualities. Every child playing with a toy shows this innate vital world modeling relationship.

Car Clinics: Time for Products to Deliver

Exploring motives taking on shape: While today Car Clinics are a standard tool, each clinic is felt as a special event. Starting with the planning to the presentation, each step is teamwork and cooperation, precision, high energy, intensive, also from timing. For prototypes it is the test run. Much is at stake and everything must flow precisely.

The atmosphere is electrified by the energy of the vehicles, the participants, the clients and the variety of contributors on location.

Car Clinics are the interface where product and consumer come together and where in this dialogue the product impact becomes tangible. As in slow motion what normally is imbedded in daily routines of driving and driving motives is brought out.

Clinics are a a condensed installation of the day-to-day experience drivers make, whether consciously or not: what moves them and influences their decisions.


Car Clinics: Tour Clinic Offer

We are experts on Car Clinics: we bring to them the combined aspects of design analysis and market psychology – together a powerful tool for our clients.

This applies especially for the prototypes which are extremely important to the makers. We reduce the inherent insecurity of their decision making by matching what the actual consumer motivations and needs are in a particular area with how the prototype/product meets them and where it would position the brand in the market field.

Depending on the research objectives we can work through issues ranging from small details to the big picture: from the branding details to the umbrella brand.

We are experts on all sensory dimensions, may it be touch, sound or outward appearance. We can analyze and understand shapes, colors, smells and textures and, moreover, put them in words in our reports. Explain and precisely describe how all of this impacts the overall product position and its market prospects. In a language that is both useable for the marketing department and the designers as well. Detail photo and video documentation of results are standard. The details contribute to making the overall becomes transparent.

We have delivered exploration and reporting standards, esp. for interiors that support a solid, trustworthy communication base also between suppliers and OEMs.

Car Clinics: Combining Methodologies

Car Clinics are also one of the most productive and fruitful areas for combining qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Qualitative means to built the foundation for all further understanding; to deliver explanations and develop strategic conclusions and recommendations.

Quantitative mean, to break down the clinic complexity into single units and provide an instant overview of the many factors and issues involved.

Alone, quantitative results are like a short form: you see the general evaluation direction, but conversely the relevance of the likes and dislikes remain abstract and ambiguous without knowing the underlying contexts. The statistical data analysis does not hand over the key to the consumers’ motives and of how things work together. The security felt from statistics often are deceptive.

Benefits of our research services

Design analysis + Psychology

Understanding the soul and psychological impact grammar of products has been one of our core activity areas.

With our joined design analysis and psychological Morphology approach we an tangibly point out which effects and impacts product design and functionality cause, which effects are strategically decisive.

Car clinics: Our research services

  • Concept assessments in early directional clinics.
  • Qualitative and mix quantitative plus qualitative
  • Prototype evaluation at all stages of development
  • Facelift Clinics
  • Commercial vehicle clinics
  • Dynamic clinics
  • Handling and usability tests