Our Work System

Applied Psychological Morphology Research
Our key approach: Psychological Morphology 

Key benefit and leverage of the Morphology approach is its coherent and complete theory of psychological processes underpinning all single research concepts and projects.

A system for analysing the morphing mode of living

We work with the system of in-depth industry applied Psychological Morphology – a very contemporary system to explain the fast changing, complex and contradictory phenomena underlying the consumer realities markets are confronted with.

Morphology thinks and proceeds in terms of processes beyond the traditional subject object split, centering on the energetic tension fields and interactions between consumer, product and context as inseparable units as “reality”: An ever changing, multiple layer product of competing driving forces.

It looks at the obvious and the behind-the-scene “production process” of people’s way of living, whether it’s living with an illness or living with products forming a specific way of life. A “production” which can be a more stable or more fragile entity – to the benefit or challenge of the companies and institutions engaged.

Morphology preserves and transforms the full scope of reality into a holistic understanding of the governing functional mechanisms and impacts of products and specific living conditions. It assesses the imageries people develop around products and brands. It clarifies the subconscious and conscious motivational factors and perceptions in their impact on the research issue.