Sustainability and Biodegradable Products

Cups “to go” – millions a day – are spotlighted as source spot in a throwaway culture. Here, being biodegradable after use they turn into nature fertile soil again. Feeding into the natural cycle of decay and emergence.

Material symbolism and communication

Case Study

Companies promote sustainability in daily life and are making an environmentally responsible call to themselves and others.

Example: Social responsibility as promoted by Coffee Fellows “Degradable Cup”.

The communication shows literally and ‘exemplary’ how the cup is composted in a traditional reusable glass ‘live’ in the store.

Cups become fertile soil for new growth, new plants, new cup material and new cup enjoyment – natural continuity.

A plant in the disposable cup enlivens and visualizes the life as a cycle. The slogan “Watch your cup return to nature” picks up on this and associates a kind of “rebirth”, or “resurrection” of a consumer product now in the form of a plant.

Live is created as plants are thriving in the used coffee cup. The world gains a place of inexhaustible resources and ‘zero waste’.