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Health Care

Health Care – Area in Transition

Healthcare is taking place in a new broader way and with a current focus on patient outcomes. Patient-citizens and their health related, life situations have become the new focus area in the outcomes and patient-centric healthcare evolution.

In many areas the medical treatment side is more covered than ever.

Critically evaluated new drug advance advantages and simultaneously new opportunities not existing before deriving from the information age also with its’ global turn to digital devices and inter-connectedness create a new field for health care around education, helping push for healthier living and eating, behavioral and attitudinal changes of the patients.

But, healthcare is traditionally an area of gradual progress, with long pipeline time frames, regulatory procedures, habits and established efficacy of drugs.

The dynamics between traditional established healthcare and connected care makes research equally, if not more relevant, as “connected” also splits into the perspectives of all the related stakeholders.