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Key areas we work in

Our research issues usually centere around the key areas our clients are working in.

Understanding people, their way of life, their attitudes, daily routines and motivations along with typology and segmentation often is the project goal. This is a key area for understanding the drivers’ for market success and product expansion.

Understanding brands is an inseparable part of this. Their importance and complexity addressing brand image and brand positioning makes this a typical own project topic.

Understanding branding is to assess its’ material DNA and signature, the way the brand lives within and through the product. This is key for brands where the tangible, material side of the product is of major impact on the brand and its’ success.

Understanding innovation has become a lead area given the changes from analogue to digital, the changes of the times regarding target groups, lifestyles and value-based actionism overall.

The added value of our Morphological approach is its’ scientifically grounded proceeding assessing the deeper realities of the increasingly changeable and contradictory phenomena,

Understanding the logic of change is at the core of our approach – making it one of the most current ways of making sense of things.

Understanding People 

The morphological motive structure is a sophisticated road map to understanding people and their motivational contexts in relationship to products, brands and relevant issues in general.

Understanding Products

Products are crystallization objects processing shape, function and meaning into daily life and cultural lifestyle design. Their material basics as information for our senses is ancient. Now, with more virtual objects, major product categories get revamped or re-invented.



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Understanding Brands

In current times, brands can become all or nothing to people. All “touch points” are very sensible  reading as the brand’s breath and ability to journey people easily, safe and lively. Communication is the back-and-forth weaving and storytelling of the cultural “myths”.

Understanding Branding

Understanding how a brand lives and interacts through the product DNA are one of our fields of excellence, applying our joined design analysis + psychological Morphology research approach and source of our slogan “Results to Built from”.

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Understanding Innovation

Innovation is almost a mainstream issue and research topic. Innovation is happening now and here, with products, services, with peoples’s lives and within the digital framework and communication. Every new drug or health service before or with market entry, every automotive or energy concept, vehicle prototype or usage concept is about how innovations will be accepted and implemented. Between concept and execution, to understand the implications is one of our main research specialisations.

Innovation on the big scale means Ambient Living. An area we are starting in as a natural extension of our work.

Innovation in terms of creating and tools refers to how to go about researching its many imoact dimensions. More in the Methods & Tools section.