Plant Terrariums – Climate Protection in miniature

Not new, but newly withing the climate crisis contxt: A miniature option for ‘environmental caring’.
Terrarium presentations are a traditional motif.
In a sheltering bubble and open to the outside. Frugal in care or almost self-sufficient.

Miniature ‘green world’ cared-for and decorative as well

Case Study

In building supply and plant stores they are displayed in different sizes, individually or in groups: Plant terrariums, plants in bowls, vaulted by a semi-open (acrylic) glass ball.

Green nature in miniature: made tangible, easy to care for and decoratively displayed. priced from 4 to 400 Euros.

With modern look and small format, they can be placed anywhere like small nature souvenirs or ‚devotions’- as a pretty eye-catcher, which makes its’ space ‘green’ while looking neat and orderly.

In-door ‚ecosystem’ in miniature: Closeness to and being protected from nature at once.

Image: An indoor ‘ecosystem’ in miniature. Growth on a small scale manageable, shielded,  protected from the vagaries of the outside world.