Ecosystem Approach
Psycho-social illness patterns

Psychosocial illness patterns are the roadmap to living with an illness

Psychosocial illness patterns assess the characteristic, course-setting dimensions of living, dealing and coping with the illness, the social and psycho-logical critical factors arising in patients’ daily lives, the margins and limits and how specific therapies can impact this specific illness patient ecosystem.

Illnesses are burdensome or even dramatic events. Living with them and coping is never an easy thing, esp. with chronic progressive illnesses. Mood state problems such as anxieties or depression partly come along with them and with older age in increased intensity.

For the patient, an illness can evolve into an own universe absorbing and shaping the individual as a person, as a patient and their life and depending on severity turn into a life-shaping theme.

But illnesses are not un-dynamic given facts. Along with the changing societies, the cultures and viewpoints of how to handle illnesses, their treatment options are changing and so is the position of the patient within the illness dynamics.


Holistic Patient Ecosystems – Morphological Approach

Our research expertise here is exploring the overall patient focused illness and living dynamics along with the motivations, emotions and attitudes within the framework defined by the illness’ specific conditions and character.

Assessing psychosocial illness patterns

Our assessments of psychosocial illness patterns reveal the characteristic, course setting dimensions for living and coping with an illness. They also reveal the critical illness triggered social and psychological factors arising in patients’ daily lives. From there they also assess the impact of specific therapies.

They also show the different routes of how patients can react and cope with the illness parameters, ranging from basic being struck by an illness to as extension functionalizing both, the illness and its treatment regimes.

A pattern delivers an illness-specific overall picture and the critical factors relevant for patient outcomes, also regarding the impact potentials of various treatment regimes and their impact on the overall benefit critical for the regulatory health care issues.

Our Research Expertise…

Our in-depth psychological competence and long-term healthcare experience here serve as a structural and strategic instrument for generating relevant outcomes for our clients and their medical issues.

Illness Management Impact

  • Issues deriving from patient types and segmentation.
  • Therapy implementation and compliance dynamics.

Illness Life Ethnography

  • Impact of the illness on life situation
  • Impact of therapy on life situation (e.g. demands on patient, relatives, environment)
  • Focused ethnography (Living with the illness Lifestyle and living environments of patient-citizens and others involved. Illness based daily life routines. Patient diaries)

Patient Holistic Studies

  • Interrelationships between culture, lifestyle, personal environment and personality.
  • Patient ethnography, patient journeys and patient outcome studies.
  • Expertise: Illnesses where the mix of stress, emotional problem states, lifestyle habits and illness states evolves into a risky dynamics with a hard to comprehend and to undo interweaving.