Finances and Banking

Current Topics

Innovations within the finance and banking industry are reconfiguring the market. Banking becomes an online platform and app driven activity, also for the customers. New business and service models from third party providers challenge the traditional financial institutions.

With the shift to digital banking customers also become accustomed to free services like free bank accounts and credit cards and all comfortably manageable online.

On the other hand, both, the financial institutions and the customers face drastically reduced options for making money – with customers none within the traditional „saving“ by interest model.

The era of savings by earning interest by simply depositing money into a bank account that works for you and pays off by just „sitting“ there is over. An unsettling situation for the majority who counted on this as the backbone of their financial strategies. Investing at least in Germany is still a marginal part of generating revenues.

As in many industries, the transformation in the banking industry is on the “customer-centric ecosystem” in which digitization, zeitgeist, lifestyle and banking needs of customers are  interwoven.

The overall scenario and relationship between customers and banks have changed and partly eroded.

In this situation, financial institutions looking at their customers like other businesses do at „consumers“.

Research Concerns

PP Finance assesses the range of customer ecosystems, their „design for living“ and matches them to the products and services of the financial institution and from there sketching the pathways for the new collaborative, emotion and experience way of doing business.

Knowing how online and managing the finances to their advantage is a highly attractive benefit and tool to have – as it lines up with how customer generally lead a digital lifestyle.

How are living environments, touchpoints, interaction, services and products interrelated?

Which personal finance management solutions address these issues?

And what potentials and approaches result from this for the changed role of the bank?


  • Grounding work: oCore drivers of financial behavior and decision making
  • Evaluating and strategizing concepts, apps
  • Strategic adaptation into the clients’ „ecosystem“