Current Topics: Mobility at the storm of change’s eye

Today, being mobile is factually, symbolically, socially and globally a core current leitmotiv. The traditional quintessence of “mobility” is catching-up with the non-physical mobile realities. Its complexities, law regulations and costs make this road ahead a long one. While R&D is driving and testing our future, the public will choose among traditional designs and extended customization for at least another decade.

With this in-between time towards the autonomous mobility era, still traditional automotive categories are driving the particular preferences and needs of those in need of the automotive format. While at the same time co-emerging with the technology, a new generation of drivers sets new parameters ranging from the sharing economy thinking, financial de-burdening, tiredness of the primary “driving fun” priority, to the global energy resources and pollution.

Between these big picture scenario factors and the concrete issues of matching product design, brand, technology and customer-specific automotive format needs, the automotive area is a challenging and at-the-pulse activity area.

As in many industries, the transformation in the banking industry is on the “customer-centric ecosystem” in which digitization, zeitgeist, lifestyle and banking needs of customers are  interwoven.

The overall scenario and relationship between customers and banks have changed and partly eroded.

In this situation, financial institutions looking at their customers like other businesses do at „consumers“.