Sustainability Perceptions

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Although sustainability as a topic currently gets overshadowed by the Covid-19 crisis, it represents ways out of the “other” major global crisis: the climate crisis.

Psychologically, the two combine to a large impact unit, they ‘treat’ how our culture and our habits are being affected, attacked or even conversely ‘rehabilitated’ from their own dark sides – environmental destruction and the negativities of globalization.

Both show: If there is a concrete ‘approach’, something changes. Sustainability is becoming increasingly tangible and psychologically ’real’ and ‘present’.

Perspectives on Sustainability

The following perceptions are looking into the small ways in which ‘sustainability’ is ‘naturalized’ into everyday life.

Motives dealing with the concept of ‘sustainability’ as a life concept.

Probing: How and where is this lived? What are the benefits?

In which industries do you see which solutions and problems?

  • An innovative access to DIY is emerging within the sustainability theme and featuring 'simplicity' as an easy intro into become 'creatively' active and to...
  • With the climate crisis and the ongoing shift away from plastic packaging paper, especially the brown, recycled-looking paper has become widely accepted in...
  • Emergence and decay – cups “to go” as life cycle prototype. Enhancement from "plastic-free" to "waste-free" - composting like nature - social responsibility represented...
  • Miniature Growth in Organic Plant Terrariums In building supply and plant stores they are displayed in different sizes, individually or in groups: Plant terrariums,...
  • Collected for a long time and developed even into an entire furnishing style: Tools and equipment from back then with authentic traces of their...

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but is ongoing in a multitude of daily life products.